Emmanuel is a growing, intergenerational community that offers big church quality with a small church feel. People appreciate our commitment to excellence, and they love the deep sense of family that’s infused into everything we do.

Who We Are

The name Emmanuel means God with us. We do our best to provide a distinctively Christian experience on Sunday mornings and we encourage and equip one another to pursue more of God’s presence and guidance throughout the week.

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What We Believe

Two questions guided those who established our denomination: “Where is it written?” (referring to the Bible) and “How goes your walk?” (referring to their lives). At Emmanuel, we do our best to keep the main things the main things. We choose not to divide over beliefs and practices when the Bible itself seems to allow for a variety of interpretations. At the same time, we stand firm when it comes to issues of sound doctrine and God-honoring choices.

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Our Leadership Team

Emmanuel members reserve the right to vote on matters that affect them. While our constitution empowers our members with considerable decision-making authority, our members delegate most of our day-to-day decisions to our appointed leaders.

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