Every Christ-follower is called to reach out to those who are lost and hurting. At Emmanuel, we put hands and feet to our verbal witness by feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, providing school supplies for families in need, planting churches, investing in development initiatives, assisting with holistic care for children, and more. Rather than simply outsourcing our outreach, we partner with the following organizations.

  • Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

    Local Partner

    The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf serves residents in the Mounds View school district.  We encourage everyone to purchase an item to share every time you go shopping.  Donations can be dropped off at the Connection Center on Sunday mornings.

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  • Ace In The City

    Urban Partner

    Founded in 2008 as a basketball mentorship organization, Ace in the City has evolved into a multi-faceted Christian community development organization based in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. Ace is passionate about reclaiming hope and rebuilding community through authentic relationships.  Opportunities to get involved include after school programs, mentoring & literacy programs, neighborhood outreach, and international trips.

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  • Emmanuel Children’s Home

    International Partner

    Hogar De Ninos Emmanuel in Juarez, Mexico is a remarkable oasis of hope in one of the world’s most dangerous cities. They provide holistic care, fantastic opportunities, and quality education for the kids and empower families in the community. Most importantly, Emmanuel provides a loving, safe, and God-centered home for some of Juarez’s most vulnerable children.

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  • The Evangelical Covenant Church

    National & International Partner

    Founded in 1885, the Covenant family of churches is a rapidly growing, multi-ethnic movement that consists of more than 800 congregations in the US and Canada. The Covenant denomination plants roughly two new churches per week. Covenant World Mission has missionaries working in at least 27 countries around the globe. When the tsunami struck India, when the hurricane ravished New Orleans, when the earthquake devastated an already devastated Haiti, Covenant World Relief was there to provide humanitarian aid and to begin the long process of restoration.

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  • The Northwest Conference

    Regional Partner

    The Northwest Conference networks and provides support for Covenant churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.  They equip church leaders, plant new churches, assist in church revitalization efforts, support pastors, help with church leadership transitions, sponsor special events, and more.

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  • Covenant Pines Bible Camp

    Regional Partner

    Covenant Pines Bible Camp is been a place where people have experienced Christ in an outdoor setting since 1954. The camp covers 140 acres and is nestled between two lakes near McGregor, Minnesota.

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Becoming a partner

It’s not uncommon for Emmanuel to receive several requests per week asking us to promote a particular cause or to donate to a particular ministry. One of our greatest challenges as a growing church is to discern our response to these requests.

Experience has taught us that if everything is important, nothing is. Therefore we pursue “mile deep” relationships with a few partners rather than a “mile wide” network of many partners.

If you would like to begin the journey towards a formal partnership with Emmanuel, find two Emmanuel members who share your passion. Next, meet with Bekah Backman to discuss forming an affinity-based group. If your group gathers considerable momentum, feel free to submit a specific proposal to our Directional Leadership Team outlining what a potential partnership could look like.